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billy jonas / bridging divides

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One day in a distant land, one woman and one man
One thing led to another: one was a father, one was a mother
One day a daughter and a son; one year later -- another, another
One plus one plus one plus one makes one human race on the run
One will run for the president, one will run cuz he can't pay the rent
One runs covert operations, one will run with no destination
One says "wait, it's just not fair! One plate full and one plate bare . . ."
One flaw after another; one solution: add 'em all together

One plus one plus one plus one makes ONE - One plus one plus one plus one makes

One by one the tribes scattered; one got thin and one got fatter
One got cake, one got the batter, one in the gutter, one up the ladde
One hangin' with the Hitler youth; one marchin' Martin Luther's truth
One sings to the secret police and one goes trekkin' after Mother Teresa
One plays peekaboo with a baby girl, one plays checkers with an arsenal
One up a mountain just to get air, one poppin' wheelies in a wheel chair
One likes Jesus, one likes Judah, one: Yogananda; Allah; Goddess; THE BUDDHA
One says "wait -- how do you pick a path?" One solution: "NEW New Math!"

One plus one plus one plus one makes ONE - One plus one plus one plus one makes

One to one and the lonely one too, do you one-der where its leading to?
One-derful, wondrous thing: one way -- the way we're going

One one one one one one one one

ONE - bottling up his anger like a bomb; ONE - drinking coffee cuz he's just too calm
This ONE - in the wilderness living like a fox; that ONE - hanging curtains in a cardboard box
This ONE - sleeping off a 3 day drunk; that ONE - in a think tank thinking all that can be thunk
This ONE in a garden with nothin' but a stick; that ONE - he's a couch potato: CLIK CLIK CLIK
One channel "Bambi," one channel "Bond," one channel people channel voices from beyond
One voice emerges, says "what a great equation: One solution with a million variations!"

One plus one plus one plus one makes ONE - One plus one plus one plus one makes

One goes up and one goes DOWN; one is square and one is ROUND
One will smile and one will FROWN; one is lost and one is FOUND
One is hot and one is COLD; one is young and one is OLD
One gets silver one gets GOLD; one gets bought and one gets SOLD
One is black and one is WHITE; one is wrong and one is RIGHT
One by day and one by NIGHT; one by dark and one by LIGHT
One says yes and one says NO; one goes fast and one goes SLOW
One goes high and one goes LOW; one says "stop!" and one says "GO!"

One; one; one; 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2


Words & music by Billy Jonas
Billy Jonas:  vocals, guitar, industrial re-percussion
Copyright 2000 Billy Jonas, Bang-A-Bucket Music, BMI