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billy jonas / bridging divides

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Arts In Education

SCHOOL PROGRAMS - Elementary to College

Billy and the Billy Jonas Band believe that creating a bright future starts with kids. Using homemade and recyclable "re-percussion" instruments, songs that celebrate community, as well as personal and planetary ecology, their think-outside-the-box educational performances occur at schools, colleges, universities and libraries around the country. The goal: to plant musical seeds, that will help grow creative, open-minded, engaged and open-hearted citizens of the world.

Elementary Schools (K-5)

Concert: "Who's Gonna Make our Music?!" Participation is the name of the game. Concerts include sing-alongs, bang-alongs, and an improvised song with audience suggestions. Instruments include voice, guitar, and recycled "re-percussion." This show proves to each and every participant that they are indeed a musician. Themes include ecological awareness, community connection, personal responsibility, and various curriculum-related songs.
Workshop: "Music From Anything: Recyclable Object Instruments," "Bangin' & Sangin' 101," "Songwriting/Songmaking."
For more detailed information please contact Loyd Artists booking agency (, 518.647.5916).

Middle School / High School
Concert: “The Troubadour Tradition." A concert, presented in lecture-demo style, the role of the singer / songwriter throughout history. Billy’s original songs and improvisation will help students gain an understanding of the role of the “musical historian / storyteller / news bearer” in various cultures throughout history, and to realize their own potential, and responsibility, to share their truth.
Workshops: “Performance Tools and Techniques,” “Songwriting/Songmaking”, “Bangin’ & Sangin’ 101”
For more detailed information please contact Loyd Artists booking agency (, 518.647.5916).

Colleges / Universities
"Heart Beat, Soul Beat, Drum Beat." Voice and percussion-based explorations of life and love, through a singer-songwriter lense. An engaging, sometimes participatory, often heart-warming, and always thought provoking collection of songs and stories that Dirty Linen Magazine has called "wild-winded word magic." As always, these performances feature a combination of experimental and homemade instruments, as well as adventurous use of voices, guitar, bass, and multicultural percussion.
Workshops: "Songwriting Master Class," "Performance Master Class," "Foraged, Found, and Freaky: Crafting Homemade Instruments." Participants in daytime workshops and residencies are invited to join the evening performance.
For more detailed information please contact Loyd Artists booking agency (, 518.647.5916).

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