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billy jonas / bridging divides

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Join "The P.L.A.N." - Peace Love Action Network

For those of you who have always wanted to be "part of the plan," have we got a plan for YOU: The Peace Love Action Network (P.L.A.N.) does what the title says: we reach out to support the building of a world with happy, healthy, harmonious humans, living in community. Stay tuned for updates, initiatives, and info about how to become a card-carrying member!

Upcoming CD - "Sacred Texts"

In process: A collection of songs and stories to elevate the mind and energize the spirit -- from magically mystical to majestically mundane manifestations of transcendence, and everything in between! Look for mp3 song samples here as we complete them.

Musical - "The Art of War"

In development: The Art of War is a mixed media theater piece/operetta with lifesize puppets and live music. OMG. The goal: expose all elements required to wage a military campaign, so that they can be redirected, and war can be avoided. Inspired co-conspirators welcome.