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Bridging Divides

BRIDGING DIVIDES is my collection of music-based projects and initiatives, all aimed towards healing divisions in ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. It currently includes:

  • CONCERTS AND WORKSHOPS - by The Billy Jonas Band (funky folk music for all ages), by Abraham Jam (Jewish-Muslim-Christian super-trio), and by Billy Jonas.
  • CO-MISSIONS - anthems and theme songs, created jointly with organizations and institutions, to energize and capitalize social justice initiatives. Primary focus: to address cultural, racial, and religious divides.
  • BRIDGING DIVIDES 2020: Dreaming the New Decade - a special project (see flyer below), running from Dec. 2019 to Dec. 2020, creating new commissioned, dedicated, and sponsored songs to guide us into and through the next ten years.
  • BRIDGING DIVIDES CONCLAVE - a gathering of folks (including you!) who are inspired to learn, create, and brainstorm turn the world with more love. Details coming.

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Bridging Divides: Dreaming the New Decade in Song

Special project - creating music to serve as sonic signposts for navigating through the next ten years, and beyond!

This year I received commissions from individuals and organizations,
to create songs towards addressing divisions in society, and putting more love in the world.
I'm in the studio currently -- the soon-to-be-released compilation recording is entitled
Bridging Divides: Dreaming the New Decade
Six commissions and three new Billy Jonas Band songs --
with an opportunity for YOU to commission
(my Jewish-Muslim-Christin trio)
for one more song!
(For details visit my indiegogo site, or email

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