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billy jonas / bridging divides

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Build It Back Again

© 2014 by Billy Jonas (Bang-A-Bucket Music/BMI)

Let us shed a tear for ancient Greece
For the glory crumbled piece by piece
For the gleaming marble Parthenon
For the shining wonders almost gone

But remember how the Romans came
Built their monuments on what remained
‘Til invaders took it all in fire
And built the Byzantine Empire

chorus: Out of the rubble and into the blue
Arise, arise a new!
On a firm foundation and a master plan
Build it up; knock it down; build it back again!

When the levee breaks we’ll swim to heaven
As they did in 1927
When the waters cleared they built once more
'Til 65 when "Betsy" roared

40 years went by, they built and prayed
‘Til "Katrina" washed it all away
But the spirit’s strong in New Orleans
And today, again the city gleams


Every generation has its trials
When the old guard leaves, they burn the files
And the young must build their houses fresh
On the smoking ashes that are left                          

Broken promises and sunken schemes                    
Shape the currents of the current stream
But the deeper you embrace below
Insures the stronger you will grow


© 2014 Billy Jonas / Bang-A-Bucket Music (BMI)