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Monday, September 8, 2014

Big News From Billy:

In addition to my wife and I producing a baby this year (due in Dec… OMG), my band is gonna release a CD (Oct 24th). You can pre-order it! As of Friday we've started an "indiegogo" fundraising initiative, to finance the final phase…. I'd love your support. Click below to pre-order, donate, or find out about the recording. If willing, please pass on the links with a personal note to folks you know -- especially (but not limited to) people with kids/grandkids/young folks in their lives. Or just get a box of CDs and give 'em away!

The CD is called Build it Back Again. The baby is called baby, for now. It's a boy or a girl, most likely. Email me if you have questions….

Be well! Billy
Billy Jonas Band - New CD - indiegogo: