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billy jonas / bridging divides

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Who's Gonna Make our Music?

from Happy Accidents

Who's gonna make our music? We're gonna make our music!
Who's gonna make our music? We're gonna make our music!
What'll we do? Bang and sing!
What'll we use? Everything!
Who's gonna make our music? We're gonna make our music!

Everybody here please understand, everybody here is in the band
You've got a body and a brain; that's all you need to explain
If you want to do your part, if you want to make some art
Just look inside your heart, that's where the whole thing starts!


When you get home tonight, see what you can find
Open up the cabinets, open up your mind
Pull out the pots and pans, pull out the tin cans
Pull out your big blue garbage can, you can start your own band!



Music & Lyrics: Billy Jonas
Copyright 2009 Billy Jonas, Bang-A-Bucket Music, BMI
Billy Jonas: vocals, body, pots and pans, rubber bands, garbage cans
Chris Rosser: organ
River Guerguerian: percussion/drums
Tessa Kvalvik: vocals
Jones Elementary: vocals
Bill Melanson: rubber bands
Kituah Sudbury School: vocals
Chrissa Weir: vocals
Luke Tannenbaum: vocals
Mark Perry: vocals
Jake Wolf: bass
David Wilcox: vocals
Nance Pettit: vocals
Nathan Wilcox-Pettit: vocals
Daphne Howard: vocals
Zedd Littlejohn: vocals
Matt Smith: electric guitar
Dan Brewer: mandoline

Produced by Billy Jonas, Bill Melanson and Adam Johnson
Engineered by Adam Johnson at Possum Palace, River Guerguerian at The Resonating Room
Mixed by Billy Jonas and Adam Johnson at Possum Palace, Braidstream Studios and Upstream Studios, Asheville, NC

updated: 8 years ago