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Monday, September 23

Monday, September 23
Have you ever dreamt of singing with the Billy Jonas Band? Now is your chance! They are working on their new CD and so far it is sounding great, but they want you to be involved. You will be receiving an email offering you a chance to sing on it as well as be a part of the video. It is part of their Kickstarter fundraising campaign so keep your eyes peeled for more information. Some of the songs on the album so far include: “Maybe Maybe Not,” “Build it Back Again,” and “The Greatest Song in the World.”

In touring news, the band will be performing an Adult Concert in Asheville, NC on Saturday, September 28. This is a house concert that will have a potluck dinner starting at 6:30 PM with the concert at 7:30 PM. To reserve your spot please send a non-refundable $15 donation check along with your email address and names of all attendees, to: Julie Maccarin, PO Box 8333, Asheville, NC 28814. When your donation is received you will receive directions to the location of the house concert via email. For more information you can also call 828-232-9962. We hope to see you there.