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Workshops, New Projects, & Shows: Charlotte, NC, plus VT, PA, CO, WV, VA

Come hone your writing skills with me and North America's leading songsmiths in some of the country's most beautiful settings.

Rocky Mountain Song School, CO, August 13-18

Mountain Stage NewSong Academy, WV, August 23-25

Join us in Charlotte, NC, this weekend ... then VT, PA, CO, WV, and VA (see sidebar)

At least once a week, someone approaches me at a family show and says, "My kid knows all your songs by heart and gave us a concert - we caught it on video, and it's great!"

So, we're collecting! Send us a copy and we may include a clip from it in the next Billy Jonas video (kind of like the outtakes at the end of my most recent video, Everybody's in the Band. Please include a note with a little about the contents and the best way to contact you.

You can email the file to or send a hard copy to:
Billy Jonas World Headquarters
PO Box 8391
Asheville, NC 28814-8391

Songbook - Thanks to those who responded to the call for music transcribers! We've begun work on the Billy Jonas Songbook - we'll let you know when it's ready. If you want to join the fun and have access to music notation software, let us know (email

Street Team - Thanks to Ruth & Serenity & Maureen for helping out in Columbia, SC! If you're coming to a show and would like to assist with merchandise, ushering, etc, email

Hope to see you this summer!

NOTE: We are currently seeking an office helper for a few hours a week in the Asheville home office. Contact Shifra ( ) for details.

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