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Starting Saturday Nov. 27, and continuing through Dec. 11, tune in to your local PBS TV station. Billy is a featured guest on...

      T H E   P E T E R   Y A R R O W   F A M I L Y   S I N G A L O N G   S P E C I A L

...along with KEB' MO', MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER, BETHANY YARROW and RUFUS, and of course PETER & PAUL from Peter, Paul & Mary.

We've been told it will air:                            In addition, it will air in the following cities (date TBA):
Fri + Sat Nov 26, 27 - Seattle                         San Jose, San Francisco, Denver, Nashville,
Sat. Nov. 27 - Chicago                                    Phoenix, Boston, Dallas, San Diego, DC,                                                              
Mon. Nov. 29 - Minneapolis                               Kansas City, Bethlehem PA, Cleveland,                  
Tues Nov. 30 - Atlanta                                       Champaign IL, Ft. Meyers, Tuscon,
Wed Dec. 1 - Philadelphia                                     Dayton OH, Madison, NYC, and more.....
Fri Dec. 3 - Sacramento
Sat Dec. 4 - Tampa
Wed Dec. 8 - Detroit
Thurs Dec. 9 - Milwaukee
Sat Dec. 11 - Buffalo

The special will be broadcast during pledge drives all over the country, and we're not sure of all the cities, and what time it airs in every city, but check the web, or your local PBS TV station for more info. As we get more specifics, we'll pass them along!

updated: 11 years ago