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billy jonas / bridging divides

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God Is In

God is in the child's eyes, see them wide, wondrous, wise
God is in the rain and snow, and each snowflake: this we know  
God is in the trees and air; the rocks, the birds, the bees, the bears  
God is in the clouds above; God is in each act of love  
God is in the oceans deep, some say God goes there to sleep  
God is in the mountains high, whistling a lullaby  
God is in the darkest woods, God is in your neighborhood  
God is in a place that's near; sometimes it's just not so clear  
God is in .... God is in .... God is in .... God is in .... God is in .... God is in

God is in your strangest pleasure; some say God is into leather
God is into body piercing; in your nipple, lip, and nose ring  
God is in your new tattoo, in your scars and birthmarks too  
God is in your brand new nose in your control top pantyhose  
God is in the latest fad, except for bungy jumping -- thats dangerous and bad  
God is in your cellular phone, God will not leave you alone  
God is in the internet, wondering why you're not there yet  
God is in Vogue, and Spin, and Rolling Stone cuz God is IN! God is in .... God is in ....
  God is in .... God is in .... God is in .... God is in

God is in the Christian house; bread and wine and holy cross  
God is in the Jewish home; shalom chaverim, shalom  
God is in the Muslim, Allah hu akbar salaam  
God is in the Hindu way, jai bagwan! namaste
God is in those dancing Pagans, in each drop of perspiration  
God is in the Wiccan coven; twelve plus one -- a perfect dozen!  
God is in the Druid's song, that's why they go on so long
God is in the Buddhist's chair saying "don't just do something -- sit there!"  
God is in the Vatican; God goes there for vacation  
God is in the Quaker meeting, sleeping 'til they start the singing
God is in your guru; how do you spell that? "Gee, you - are - you"
God is in the atheist, saying "yeah, I don't exist"
God is in the flowing Tao, then and now and now and now  
God is in the Rastaman; I and I and on and on  
God is in the Moonie wedding; who gets who -- begin the betting  
God is in the Hare Krishna, rub their heads and make a wish now  
God is in .... God is in .... God is in .... God is in .... God is in .... God is in

God is in your bank account, sometimes juggling the amount  
God is in your ATM, counting bills and stacking them  
God is in your college fund, laughing cuz it's gone gone gone
God is in your IRA, adding interest every day  
God is in your pocket change, your job is giving it to strangers  
God is in the beggar's cup; sometimes God just fills it up
God is in the empty hand, spent it all on cheap Almaden;
God was in the S & L's but left, that's why they went to hell
God is in the Wal-Mart; greets you with a shopping cart  
God is in your old jalopy, makes it go when it should not be
God is in the Greyhound bus, sitting in back, watching us  
God is in 'tourist class,' on a frequent flyer pass  
God is in the pilot light; dancing through the night  
God is in the radio, Wolfman Jack told me so  
God is in the microwave, unless you try to use something metal -- then the microwave is
  the devil; also don't microwave with plastic wrap cuz it forms molecular bonds with  
  your food and turns your intestines into Tupperware  
God is in your Tupperware, but not the lids so buy some spares  
God is in .... God is in .... God is in .... God is in .... God is in .... God is in

God is in the ozone layer; holier and holier  
God is in the atom bomb, or at least the atom bomber's mom  
God is in Chechnya, Sobrenica, Slovenica, Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovia, Montana,
God is incredulous at all the stuff we do to us  
God is inspired by those who fly and those who try  
God is insatiable so sing and dance way past full
God is in you and me, someday God will help us see that  
God is in love with love so live and love and that's enough
God is inside of you and all you don't and all you do  
God is in your greatest doubt, the jury's out, the doctor's out, but  
God is in, God is in, God is in your darkest sin, and out and in, and out and in, and God is
  in .... Goddess in .... God is Zen .... Got us in .... God is in


Words by Billy Jonas, Laura Mahr & Chris Chandler
Music by Billy Jonas
1998 Billy Jonas Bang-A-Bucket Music, BMI