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billy jonas / bridging divides

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For Individuals



©2022 by Billy Jonas / Bang-A-Bucket Music (BMI)

Scavenger hunt… ready set go
Pieces and parts — make up the whole
Treasure to find; dare to be bold
Put on your gloves — brace for the cold
Take a friend through the snow,
one you trust — shake up the globe
Getting close — time to chose;
how to know? Here are the clues:
A time… a taste
Divine… a grace — to
Find… a face
A mind, a heart embrace
A love, a love ….

Wind in your face, hand in your hand
Gotta look out; gotta look in
Feeling confused — which way to go?
Riddle to solve… follow the flow
Spring will come, flowers bloom,
warm the soil, under the moon
Through the dark, to the light,
treasure glows, keep it in sight
The time… the taste
Divine… the grace — to
Find… the face
The mind, the heart embrace
The love, the love ….

Up to the edge; onto the pier
Water below … into the clear
Morning has come, open your eyes
Take it all in: what a surprise
Something changed, something new,
something old, borrowed and blue
Now the truth, coming through:
every clue, leading to you
This time… this taste
Divine… this grace — to
Find… this face
This mind, this heart embrace
This love, this love….

Scavenger hunt… ready set go
Pieces and parts — make up the whole
Treasures to find, take off your gloves
Look what you found — someone to love


"Working with Billy on creating a song for our daughter's wedding was such a wonderful experience. Billy worked collaboratively with us and listened with profound intent and responded with deep sensitivity. My husband and I knew the song would be beautiful and magical, and the final result was even beyond our expectations. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when Billy performed the song at the wedding -- and I still get teary listening to the recording. If you're considering a gift for someone you love, a song from Billy Jonas will be a gift they will remember and treasure for the rest of their life."

- Mother of the Bride, Chapel Hill NC


One winter night in Boston, there was a scavenger hunt. He wrote a short poem for every clue, and traveled alongside, smiling, as she uncovered the next, and the next.