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Family / Kids

What Kind Of Cat Are You?!

On WHAT KIND OF CAT ARE YOU?! the main instrument is YOU when you sing and bang along with Billy Jonas' cd "What Kind of Cat Are You?!" Billy Jonas' fans will make music in all new ways as they enjoy this award-winning (2002 Parent's Choice Gold Star) collection of 13 interactive songs. Like a virtual song leader at a lively campfire, WHAT KIND OF CAT ARE YOU?! encourages everyone to use their own voices and any handy item to "sing, dance, snap, tap, clap their hands and join the band! As with all of Billy's music, the main instrument for WHAT KIND OF CAT ARE YOU?! is the audience: call-and-response lyrics, open-ended questions, and quiet instructions that inspire movement and imaginative thought. Nearly every song on "What Kind of Cat Are You?!" was inspired by and developed in performances with live audiences.