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billy jonas / bridging divides

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Symphonic Pops


Step outside of the box, and into a glorious galaxy of polyphonic possibility....
A magical melodious melding of audience and orchestra,
a sonic celebration of community and creativity.....

Billy Jonas, with the Billy Jonas Band, brings his energetic and engaging brand of participatory folk music to a new level of sonic sophistication in his symphony collaborations. Augmenting Jonas’ multi-textured homemade "re-percussion," the orchestra, paired with Jonas’ songs and stories, gives a performance that is exciting both visually and aurally.

Jonas is known for his ability to bring the audience fully into the performance through his accessible songs and leadership from the stage, creating an artistically adventurous atmosphere enjoyed by all ages.

"Having worked with pop stars George Benson, Linda Ronstadt and Judy Collins, I can honestly say that Billy Jonas is a first class performer. His music is compelling, humorous, beautiful and brilliant! Our orchestral fusion concert with him was the highlight of our season."
- Ron Clearfield, Conductor and Music Director, Blue Ridge Orchestra, Asheville, NC

With 22 symphonic scores to choose from, Billy Jonas’ orchestral programs explore exciting new arrangements of Billy's songs, as well as bring new life to altered arrangements of Bach's "Jesu Joy" and Ravel's "Bolero," each performed with new, original lyrics composed and performed by Billy. Throughout all of the shows, audience members will be asked to variously sing-along, percuss-along, move-along (with choreographed hand-motions), and for the finale, kazoo-along with the Billy Jonas Band and the orchestra. Concerts offer plenty of room to personalize the show with antics, unique homemade instruments, added voices and dance.

"Billy Jonas' concert with the orchestra was exceptional, and drew the largest
audience they have had in our theatre. He's a wonderfully talented musician who
quickly establishes a rapport across all ages. An extreme pleasure to have him!"

- John Ellis, Managing Director, Diana Wortham Theatre, Asheville, NC

If you want to reach out to new audience, find unique collaborations, and present performances offering something new and totally different, Billy Jonas and the Billy Jonas Band have three offerings to shake it up! (some of the pieces can occur in more than one program):