billy jonas / bridging divides

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“…witty, smart, raw.”
- New York Times

"...irresistible... my face hurts from smiling."
- Alison Krauss

"…the arch-elf of American music…"
- Charleston Gazette

"Billy Jonas is one of the most original, moving and simultaneously hilarious performers I've ever seen. Each song enters an unexpected world of its own, creates a film, a state of being, an unexpected. seemingly extemporaneous story; your story and mine, seen through the brilliant lens of Billy's muse and loving heart.”
- Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary)

"Some of the best family music I’ve ever heard.”
- Ezra Idlet (Trout Fishing in America)

“…lush talent … musically rich … hilarious … lovely … a near perfect blend of great music and playfully educational messages.”
- Parent’s Choice

“Billy Jonas is a multi-layered, percussion-driven, tribal rhythm, urban harmony and folk music maestro.”
- Ear Candy

"He engages the audience with a wild assortment of rhythm and word play that usually leaves them both entertained, and a little more in touch with their spiritual selves. He teaches, through experience, that music is everywhere."
- Sing Out! Magazine

“… exquisite craft!”
- Sing Out! Magazine

“… wild winded word magic!”
- Dirty Linen Magazine

“… great live show!”
- David Dye, World Café

“…you cant help but sing along!”
- Performing Songwriter Magazine

"While others … have tried to distinguish themselves with fashion or gimmicks, Billy Jonas uses genuine originality and a style that evolved naturally from his experience, to create memorable music that is both intellectually fascinating and frequently danceable, all the while avoiding the cliches."
- George Graham (public radio host/music reviewer)

… first class … compelling, humorous, beautiful and brilliant! … the highlight of our season.”

-Ron Clearfield, Conductor, Blue Ridge Orchestra

updated: 4 years ago