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L-M-N-O-P Break, from the album, "Build It Back Again" has been recently nominated
for an Independent Music Award.
Please go and vote! If you have not had the listening pleasure, check it out. AND VOTE!!!

jonas 1839

"...catchy compositions ... a full range of vocal and instrumental mastery ... and the lyrics do more than instruct and educate. They ... communicate profound messages of determination, maintaining humanity”

"Jonas and company have mastered a near perfect blend of great music and playfully educational messages."
- Lahri Bond, Parents' Choice Children's Media & Toy Reviews

available now

Has something for everyone!
"Build It Back Again" was recently awarded the Parents' Choice Gold Award!

Check out the product review:

jonas 1839

"It was AMAZING!!! He is a creative music genius that brings music to life! I love that how the audience was part of the show."
- Q Manor, Totsradio, Georgia

"Build It Back Again" -- it's good for your brain cells and your soul."
- Swing, Whistle, Zing (music review)

"It covers a wide range of real topics, all while staying positive and leaving you feeling good."
- A Nation of Moms

"...witty, smart, raw."
- New York Times

" ... irresistible.... My face hurts from smiling."
- Alison Krauss

"...engages the audience with a wild assortment of rhythm and word play ... leaves them both entertained, and a little more in touch with their spiritual selves.... teaches, through experience, that music is everywhere."
Sing Out! Magazine

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