Billy Jonas

Billy Jonas performing new song, "Weather" on WBTV Charlotte 12/31/15

What people are saying about Billy Jonas's
Build It Back Again

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“A force for good in the field of quality music, tailor-made for children…. Jonas and company have mastered a near perfect blend of great music and playfully educational messages.”
~  A 2015 Parents’ Choice GOLD Award winner

“Audiences routinely clap their hands and stomp their feet to add to the sound.
And the band members are masters of re-percussion, using recycled materials like milk jugs or buckets to create unique beats and sounds.”
~  WUNC public radio’s  “The State of Things”

“Yeah, wow.  Their concerts are ‘neo-tribal hootenanny’ complete with active audience participation from all ages and *gasp* EDUCATIONAL.  But, they do not forget the fun.  There is FUN!  Lots of it.”
~Momma’s Bacon
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updated: 7 months ago