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Springtime Billy News & Shows

Lots of shows in the Northeast  come on out!

Happy Spring!

Are you a Billy Jonas Head? I just heard that from someone recently and thought it was cool. What are some of the other terms you use to describe your fan status? Let us know by posting on the discussion boards (link).

So far, the results have been both hilarious and awe-inspiring! Send us morerecord your own Billy Jonas style performance, either of Billys songs, or of original songs, with guitars, drums and/or homemade instruments.

We want to include clips in the next Billy Jonas DVD, so if youve got something for us to see, send videos to:
Billy Jonas World Headquarters
PO Box 8391
Asheville, NC 28814
or email them to

I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to our team of volunteers whove been helping me with office tasks (like inputting new subscribers into the online database). They have taken time out of their busy schedules to sit in front of their computers and type in other peoples infoand they dont seem to balk when I mail them large envelopes!

In fact, we are so incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful community of support. Everyone who volunteers their time and efforts for Billy Jonas World Headquarters has just been amazing  

Were always looking for new volunteers for a whole host of things, including mailing list entry, merchandise sales at shows, etc. If youre interested, email As a volunteer, you get into the show for free! And even see some of the behind the stage kind of stuff.


~Shifra Nerenberg
Office Manager

updated: 13 years ago