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House Concerts with The Billy Jonas Band

Billy Jonas, and The Billy Jonas Band are available occasionally for smaller, intimate concerts. Anyone can host one, if inspired and clear on the concept! Read on, then see the links at the bottom for more info on the “house concert phenomenon.”

WHAT IS A HOUSE CONCERT? They’ve been around as long as houses and music: a performance presented in someone’s living room or apartment, or nearby private space such as a recreation room/commons of an apartment complex, studio, comfy barn, or private backyard. There are as many variations on the theme as there are people hosting them. They are usually (though not always) acoustic, with no sound system needed. They typically have from 30 to 80 people depending on what the space allows, and often (though not always) involve a potluck. Sometimes they are public, sometimes by invite only. People expect to pay to attend, and to sit and listen. They’re a wonderful way to spend time with the artists, as well as to meet neighbors and folks with like-minded interests.

When not engaged elsewhere, Billy Jonas & the BJB are drawn to the warm, relaxed, interactive setting that house concerts provide. In this environment the BJB shines with their beautiful, intricate harmonies, and crafted lyrics. They draw the audience in with a balance of stories, ballads, and belly busting laughter. The experience is one that will never be forgotten!

If you are interested in learning more, or in hosting a house concert, please contact Susan Lounsbury of Loyd Artists - , or by phone - (800) 476-6240.

- For general info about the idea of House Concerts, you can also visit:
- If REALLY inspired to get a whole series going, or just to produce the best house concert in the world, there’s a small “how-to” manual you can order:
- Another great resource:
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