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Billy and the Billy Jonas Band LOVE working with different faith communities, and the joy seems to go both ways! Their songs are born out of a deep reverence for all expressions of spirituality. They seek to enhance whatever worship context has invited them, and their programs are tailored to the specific needs and demographics of those present.

"Congratulations on a job well done!  What an awesome night!"
            -Cantor Rebecca Robins, Director of Congregational Learning, Temple Sinai, Washington DC

Family concerts, adult concerts, music workshops for Sunday/Hebrew schools, retreats, Shabbat & Havdalah services, as well as holiday offerings when appropriate. Billy’s upbringing in the Jewish faith, as well as his work at Temple Beth Ha Tephila in Asheville NC, have inspired and informed a host of original songs, liturgical settings, and prayerful/meditative practices, as well as a repertoire of standards. Contact for references and more details.
Click on the "jewish One Sheet" at the bottom of the page to see Billy's Jewish offerings.

The Billy Jonas Band enjoys playing their songs in religious schools, worship services, “vacation bible study” events, sacred music festivals, and offering concerts and workshops as part of these, or as stand-alone events. Care is taken to support the particular focus of each community and their event. Contact for references and more details.

The Billy Jonas Band’s unique style of “funky folk music” and accompanying workshops are particularly suited to retreat and camp environments, especially those galvanized by a particular faith. To find out about concerts, workshops, and residencies, contact
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